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Tom Seest

July 5, 2024

Can the Mind Diet Improve Your Brain Health?

Mindful Eating

Boost Brain Health with the Mind Diet

By Tom Seest

Can the Mind Diet Improve Your Brain Health?

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The MIND diet is an eating plan designed to improve brain health and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It emphasizes high-nutrient foods and limits unhealthy food groups such as red meat, butter, and cheese. Some studies have shown that adherence to this diet has decreased the risk of dementia, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.
While researchers don’t know the exact cause of the benefits of the MIND diet, they have found that it may slow the onset of Alzheimer’s. Aside from this, it has also been shown to help users lose weight.
If you’re considering starting the MIND diet, you’ll need to make a few changes to your current diet. This includes limiting red meat, butter, and processed snack foods. Also, you’ll want to keep your portion sizes in check. For example, you can add greens to your salads or soups.
As a rule of thumb, MIND recommends eating a minimum of two servings of vegetables and at least one serving of leafy greens daily. In addition, you’ll want to include whole grains, legumes, and berries.
You’ll also want to eat seafood regularly. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for good brain health.
However, you shouldn’t go overboard on these healthy foods. Your body will need them in balance with your calories burned. Eating too much of any type of food can lead to weight gain.
As a part of the MIND diet, you’ll want to keep your intake of wine moderate. It’s okay to have one glass a day, but you should limit the amount to 5 ounces.

Can the Mind Diet Improve Your Brain Health?

Can the Mind Diet Improve Your Brain Health?

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