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Tom Seest

January 10, 2024

Dancing with Doubt

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A Light-Hearted Waltz to Weight Loss

By Tom Seest

Dancing with Doubt

Dancing With Doubt

Dancing With Doubt

In a world where scales can whisper fears, Where mirrors often brew silent tears, There’s a tale, not of woe, but of light and cheer, A dance with doubt, so lend your ear!

Once in a land of endless treats, Lived a soul, with skipped heartbeats. Haunted by scales, and numbers so stern, Dreaming of a day the tides would turn.

“Fail I might,” whispered the sprite, “In this endless, relentless fight. But what if, oh what, could possibly be, If I danced with fear, and set myself free?”

So, toe to toe, with Doubt it stood, In the kitchen, by the woods. “Teach me your steps,” it said with a grin, “For this waltz, I’m set to win.”

With a twirl and a spin, the dance began, Doubt led first, as per its plan. But with each step, the sprite found grace, In wholesome foods, not just a taste.

Vegetables twirled on the plate so bright, Fruits sang in hues, a delightful sight. Water chimed in, a crystal tune, Under the watchful eye of the moon.

Exercise joined, a joyful mate, In this ballroom, they’d celebrate. A jog, a dance, a stretch, a swim, With every move, Doubt grew dim.

“Fail, you might,” Doubt hummed the song, “But with each step, you’re growing strong. Fear not the scale, nor the mirror’s call, For in trying, you stand tall.”

As pounds shed, so did fear, The sprite smiled, its path was clear. Not in perfection, but in the strive, Lay the beauty of being alive.

So here’s the secret, in verse, I tell, To conquer fear, and break its spell. Dance with doubt, give it a twirl, In this waltz, you’ll find your pearl.

For weight is just, a number, a score, But your journey, oh, it’s so much more. In laughs, in tears, in sweat, in cheer, You’ll find your strength, year by year.

So when fear knocks, open the door, Invite it in, onto the floor. In this dance, you’ll find your might, In this waltz, you’ll find your light.

Dancing with Doubt

Dancing with Doubt

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